Looking for a free Georgia Pre-K

Author: Dana Persons


Here are some resources you can use to find the perfect pre-K.

http://decal.ga.gov/ProviderSearch/SiteSearch.aspx?prekonly=y&newsearch=yPut in your zip code, or expand your search by only putting in the first 4 digits of your zip code.

Also, the Midtown Parents' Group has a growing list of favorite child care options.  Email me at mec@midtownatlanta.org for a copy of the list.

Some things you may not know:
1.  Any organization can apply to startup a free GA pre-K.
2.  Church & Corporate (ie. Georgia Pacific) pre-K's do not care what school district you live in, or what your address is.
3.  Pre-K's in public elementary schools typically DO care where you live, and you must live inside their school SYSTEM boundaries.
4.  Pre-K's listed on this site are FREE Georgia pre-K's (paid for by the GA lottery).  There are private pre-K's as well, in which you pay tuition.
5.  Admission into most GA pre-K's are done by lottery in the months of February through April.

- See more at: http://atlanta.neighborhood.org/item/87755#sthash.60KUrCpC.dpuf