Midtown Neighbors Association
Liquor License Applicants

All persons desiring to obtain a liquor license should acquire the approved application from the Licenses and Permits Unit of the Atlanta Police Department. Upon receipt of the application, the Licenses and Permits Unit will make a copy of Section 1 of the application and provide the copy and a blank NPU Report Form to you. Within five business days, you should take a copy of Section 1 of the application and the blank NPU Report Form to the commissioner of the Department of Planning and Community Development for assignment to NPU E. You will be given a date of the next regularly scheduled NPU E Meeting. NPU E requires that you first appear before the Midtown Neighbors’ Association (MNA) Liquor License Committee. That committee meets on the last Monday of the month at 6:30 PM at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer at the corner of Peachtree Street and 4th Street. At least one week prior to that meeting, email Section 1 of your application to liquorlicenses@midtownatlanta.org. The MNA Liquor License Committee will not hear your application unless a copy has been forwarded at least a week in advance.

Directions: : From Juniper to 4th (it’s a one way), the parking lot is on the left behind the church. If the upper lot is full, there is a lower lot just behind the small building in the middle of the parking lot. From the parking lot, you will enter the door on the farthest left (when looking at the building) and will be directed to the meeting room. If, for some reason, the parking lot is full, there’s street parking on 4th, and an overflow lot across 4th. ~~~~~~~~~~

It is a privilege to hold a Liquor License and to carry on your business during the term of the license subject to all the terms and conditions imposed by the Charter and related state laws and applicable sections of the City Liquor License Code. Some of the terms excerpted from the City Code are listed here to remind the License holder. Midtown residents are asked to give feed back on any violation witnessed.

1. The selling to or serving of any person below the age of 21 years; or permitting the entrance of anyone under 21 years of age is prohibited.

2. Permitting the solicitation of patrons on the licensed premises for prostitution or any other unlawful act where the licensee or the licensee’s employee or agent knew or should have known of such conduct is prohibited.

3. The selling or serving of any alcoholic beverage to any person that the licensee or the licensee’s employee or agent knew or should have known to be in a state of intoxication is prohibited.

4. Failure by the licensee to adequately supervise and monitor the conduct of the employees, patrons and others on the licensed premises or on any property owned or leased by the licensee, including but not limited to parking lots and parking areas, or on any parking lots or areas which may be lawfully used by patrons of a licensed establishment, in order to protect the safety and well-being of the general public and of those utilizing the premises.

5. The failure of a licensee, whose licensed premises directly abuts a public street directly, to maintain all property outside the lot and property line and inside the curb line upon the public street, including any sidewalk. Said duty to maintain the above-designated property must be accomplished within reasonable time after the close of business each day. “Maintain” as used in this subsection shall mean keeping the specified area free of bottles, cups, trash, and other debris. “Within a reasonable time” as used in this section shall mean within four hours of the close of business.

6. The violation of any of the city’s ordinances which pertain to the posting of signage and/or banners found in chapters 138 and 16-28A of the City Ordinances.

7. The violation of the city’s noise ordinance found in chapter 74 of the City Ordinances.

8. It shall be unlawful for any person under the age of 18 years to provide entertainment in an establishment licensed under this article unless such person has obtained written permission from their legal guardian.

9. It shall be unlawful to permit any disturbance of the peace or any obscenity or any lewd immoral or improper entertainment, conduct or practice on the premises.

10. No lighted electrical signs or devices advertising malt beverages, wine or both shall be operated except during the hours those products are being offered for sale.

11. No sign of any kind advertising any brand or price of distilled spirits shall be permitted on the exterior or in the window of any licensed premises.

12. No licensee shall authorize or permit the purchase price of any alcoholic beverage to be credited against any minimum, admission or cover charge.

13. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of any commercial premises to provide a sufficient number of garbage and trash containers and to maintain the containers in a clean and healthful manner, free of odors, maggots, insects and rodents; the containers must be kept in good repair and the doors and lids closed when not in use; the area surrounding containers should be kept free of garbage and trash; containers shall be screened on three sides by planting materials, or a fence or wall of a height not less than six feet tall an not more than eight feet from the public view of any public right-of-way and any abutting properties.

General guidelines for the Liquor License Committee
1. The LLC will make recommendations to the MNA Board of Directors concerning applicants for Liquor Licenses in Midtown. The MNA’s recommendation will go on to the NPU E for their consideration. The NPU E recommendation goes to the License Review Board (LRB), and their recommendation goes to the Mayor.

2. The Chair of the LLC must be on the Board of Directors of the MNA.

3. The Chair of the LLC will, as he or she is notified, post upcoming cases on the MNA web site.

4. In certain cases, the Chair of the LLC, with approval of the MNA Board of Directors, will write letters, contact appropriate officials, attend hearings and meetings, and otherwise represent the MNA’s position on Liquor License issues.

5. If any member of the LLC has an actual conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest regarding any matter before the LLC, that person must immediately notify the Chair of the LLC and may not participate in any discussions or votes regarding the issue.

6. Subcommittees will be established by the MNA Board on an as needed basis to work with and support the position of the Liquor License Committee.


Under Midtown SPI-16 Zoning District, Click on the Full Text Legislation .pdf file

The parking information begins on page 18

If you have, or are planning an outdoor dining area for your business, we remind you that Midtown has special zoning, SPI 16 and SPI 17, which apply depending on location.  We have included some information below.  If you have questions, please contact the Department of Planning at City Hall, 404.330.6070, or if technical assistance is needed, contact the Midtown Alliance, 999 Peachtree Street, 404 892 4782.
The Section 16-18P.004. Application Procedures.

A special administrative permit shall be required for development in this district as set forth in this section . A special administrative permit (SAP) application and seven (7) copies each of a site plan, landscape plan and elevation drawings of each exterior façade shall be submitted and approved by the Director of the Bureau of Planning prior to the applicant filing for a building permit. All new construction, including additions to existing buildings, expansions of existing outdoor dining, outdoor dining within required sidewalk areas, or any construction which results in increased lot coverage or a modification of the building footprint within this district, shall be subject to said site plan review and approval. Before making application or a special administrative permit, a pre-application conference between the applicant and the Director of the Bureau of Planning or the Director's designee is required to discuss the application and relevant requirements of these regulations. Said preapplication conference shall be held within 14 days of the request by the applicant, unless a longer period is mutually agreed upon. All applications for a special administrative permit shall be processed in accordance with the standards and procedures applicable to said SAP applications contained in Chapter 25 of Part 16 except as otherwise modified by this Chapter 18P.

Code References

§ Outdoor Dining Enclosure:              Section 16 -18P.013. Supplemental Zone. (2.e) (8.a)
                                                            Section 16-18P.012. Sidewalks. (12)

§ Primary Pedestrian Entrance:         Section 16 -18P.014. Relationship of Building to Street ( 3)

§ Outdoor Amplified Music:               Section 16 -18P.007. 1. Special Permits (3.a)

§ Tinted Glass at Peachtree Lobby:  Section 16- 18P.027. Specific Regulations for Storefront Streets (1.c)

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